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Ontario: Tillsonburg

Days, Afternoons, Midnights

  • Wage: $15.00
    • 8hr shifts – Monday to Friday
      • Days: 7am – 3pm
      • Afternoons: 3pm – 11pm
      • Midnights: 11pm – 7am
  • Prerequisites
    • Ontario High school Diploma or equivalent preferred
    • No Criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted
  • Reports To
    • Supervisor
  • Department
    • Quality Services
  • Budget Responsibility
    • No purchase authorization
  • General Responsibilities
    • Load and Unload with visual inspection at the following work stations;
    • Diligence and accuracy of work instructions
    • Participate in sort and rework as required by work instructions
    • Ensure health and safety policies are being followed
  • Direct Responsibilities
    • Produce quality parts at rate within specifications as per the Daily Production Schedule
    • Request assistance from Team Leader or Team Support when necessary
    • Ensure work area is clean, neat, orderly and free of scrap materials
    • Housekeeping activities as required
    • Adhere to all Health & Safety procedures, company policies and rules
    • Assist team members to achieve work goals and objectives
    • All other relevant duties
  • Physical Responsibilities
    • May be required to repeatedly lift, push, or pull up 50 lbs unassisted
    • May be required to lift between 50-70 lbs unassisted
    • Frequent use of hands, lifting, bending, stopping, twisting, standing, and reaching mat occur
    • There may be some stepping up, stepping down, and carrying
  • Hazards/PPE
    • Office hazards – minimal
    • CSA Approved safety shoes
    • CSA Approved reflective safety vests
    • CSA Approved safety eyewear
    • Hazards (physical, biological, chemical, musculoskeletal, psychosocial, and safety) and PPE as identified by company policies, procedures, and practices
    • Warehouse related
    • Lift Truck traffic